project review


Review submitted by Trail Volunteer
Review date 25 juil. 2018


I did the South East Asian ethical trail from July 2013 through September. It is a difficult thing to review because of the multitude of different activities, smells, experiences, sights and places that are endured within the 10 weeks. It is the most action-packed couple of months I have ever partaken in and to say I have "enjoyed it" feels something of an understatement. The staff involved were warm, amiable and down-to-earth; making the transition from everyday life into a very intense and jam-packed time in a foreign, sweaty and often dirty continent as smooth as possible. To have a bad time on the South East Asian ethical trail feels like a near impossibility; there are activities to suit interests of the broadest spectrum and the staff are immensely flexible to your individuals wants and needs as a person.


You are attended to the whole time and the emphasis on the fact that this is "YOUR trip" is drawn upon heavily making the whole thing feel more comfortable and fun. The activities were all worthwhile and rich cultural experiences; it did not feel as if we were merely grazing upon South East Asian culture but often getting knees deep in it. Particularly during the placements in Cambodia; of which I did both 2 weeks teaching in Siem Reap and 2 weeks at the Marine Camp in Koh Smach. Both challenging, rewarding and meaningful ventures in their own regard. The smiles of the Cambodian children we taught English to are forever stained into my mind and the experience of having stayed in the simple, beautiful and very remote Koh Smach is one I will treasure for years to come.



My companions on the tour have become my family and you learn a lot about social endurance as well as yourself and teamwork within the 10 weeks. The experiences I have had with these people; the good (temples, tequila, tailor shop trips), the bad (the heart of Asia is something of a diamond but as her worst she can be a rough place, not to mention the dreary buses from one place to the next) and the plain weird (be prepared to set sail with drunk locals and witness some very outlandish living situations), these are all the adhesive that binds us together as friends for life. I feel like I have grown a lot in these mere 10 weeks. And in all of the sweat I've repelled, money I've lost buying novelty Asian goods, and moments I've been saddened by the atrocities I've learnt that these mostly-wonderful local people have come from; I have enjoyed every moment of it.

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